Internet Marketing

Our company first began Internet marketing to promote our own services. We invested our time and money learning how to market on the World Wide Web before we became successful. Once we made the transition to successful Internet marketing, we started offering these services to our clients. Internet marketing is now the fastest growing component of our advertising business because of its profitability for our clients.

Some of the clients for whom we have provided Internet marketing services.

Web site design, development, optimization, and promotion

Most people think a Web site is good if they like the design and visual images. We judge Web sites by how profitable they are for their owners. Cypress Media Group can design and build beautiful Web sites as well as the next "Web guru," but what we excel in is building Web sites that produce tangible results for our clients.

Listed below are links to the Web sites of just some of the clients for whom we provide Web site design, development, optimization, and promotion services.

Other Websites we have worked with include:

FAQs about Internet marketing, Web site design, Web site optimization, and social media marketing

Q: What is your company's experience in Internet marketing?

A: We were in business for over 20 years before we were involved in Internet marketing. In 1999, we mastered Internet marketing for our company, and then we began offering Internet marketing services to our clients.

How did we do? This Web site, is now in the top six tenths of one percent in traffic of the roughly 100 million Web sites in the world. For independent verification of this claim, visit and paste in ""

Fast forward to today: We are now focused on using cutting-edge social media marketing initiatives for our company and our clients.

Q: What is your company's experience with social networking?

Our success on Linkedin led us to Facebook, Twitter, and an assortment of the other dozens of social networking systems. Our company uses Facebook primarily for personal reasons simply out of choice. Twitter is where we are currently focusing our efforts and we are seeing outstanding results. All four of our Twitter accounts, @CypressMedia, @EcoExhibits, @WritingTechDocs, and @WritingTrainer have perfect 100 out of 100 scores on Twitter Grader .

Q: What is your approach for distinguishing between having a social media presence vs. having a social media strategy?

A: We'll answer your question by giving you a real-life example. One of our clients recently had a new follower join them on Twitter. This follower is a major company, dozens of times larger than our start-up client. This new follower on Twitter has 450+ followers and they are following 2000+ others. Quite impressive right? Not really. They have never actually tweeted. Never. Not once.

Our client, on the other hand, has 200+ followers and is following 185+ others. They have sent out 250+ tweets. From Twitter contacts alone, they have entered into many new relationships with vendors, received press coverage multiple times, and sold products to companies around the globe.

Having a Twitter account and following 2,000 people but never sending out tweets saying anything is having a social media presence. Having a Twitter account and posting relevant information for your followers at least 2-3 times a day seven days a week that results in new business contacts, publicity, and profitable contracts is having a social media strategy.

Q: Does your company create social media content for clients or teach them to sustain a social media program that you help create?

A: We usually work with clients to do both and work out a seamless implementation plan so that our different perspective helps rather than hurts the client brand. Teaching your staff people to use social media is not a challenge for us. Cypress Media Group has an active training division in our company. Visit our Training Seminars page to see a list of the seminars we regularly offer. We have also provided social media use training to clients in the past.

It's important for you to know that maintaining an active and prominent social media strategy is a labor-intensive process. It will be necessary for you to have a well-trained and disciplined in-house staff that can do this work or budget to hire others to do this. Ideally, we will be able to work out a joint combination of resources with which you are comfortable.

Q: If our company institutes a social media plan, what will we learn that can be applied across all other areas of marketing and product development?

A: Whether it is postings on the comment sections of blogs or posts on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, you will receive more feedback than you actually want or need sometimes. However, the value of these expressions can be used to quickly tweak strategy or marketing language. In addition, if we run online adverting programs to market your product, daily reporting data that we will receive from systems like Google AdWords and Facebook will also provide valuable research findings.

Cypress Media Group works in these systems daily for our other clients, and we have done so since their inception.

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Contact Us

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Social Media Marketing

Cypress Media Group is now fully involved in social media marketing for our company and our clients.

Client Testimonials

"What has Cypress Media Group done for our company?We're two years into a Internet marketing program they designed for usand we're receiving more leads than ever before! We get an average of11,000 hits a day to our pages. Our business has grown close to 300% andthat is a controlled growth. When we began this project, our bestranking on the Internet was about 760 (that's the 76th page). Today weenjoy the top 5 positions (1st page) with almost any of the terms we'vechosen to optimize. Our business is the type to develop relationshipswith clients. Therefore, any lead that develops into a customer has thelong-term potential to produce significant income. Since we began thisproject, we have increased our staff from three to seven and are lookingto add more. Our revenue generation increases annually, making ourcompany extremely profitable. Best of all, we are now reaching clientsworldwide, which was virtually impossible before. This year alone we'vebeen contacted for major projects from the Netherlands, England, France,Germany, Israel, and Japan. Try getting these type results from coldcalling. That is what Cypress Media Group has done for ourcompany!"
Update: We have just topped one million dollars in sales off our CypressMedia Group Web site. The pipeline is also full of leads, so our secondmillion of sales off our Web site is on the horizon. - Exhibition Company President"
"We are working more hours a day and making more money than we ever have. Patients have to wait 2 weeks to get an appointment!!! I LOVE IT. Thanks for building and optimizing our Web site and setting up anInternet advertising campaign that makes this happen! You have taken usfrom 5,000 hits a month on our Web site to 130,000 hits a month in just6 months. We had a patient here this morning from Nashville, which isalmost 250 miles away. She did a search and found us on the Web!!! Shewill probably spend $5,000.00 on her procedures. Let's keep theadvertising going!" - Georgia physician

Ten Ways your Business can Use Social Networking

  1. Communicate with existing customers
  2. Find new customers
  3. Improve your customer service
  4. Offer product/service promotions
  5. Gather new ideas about your product/service
  6. Promote your offline marketing efforts
  7. Promote your community relations and charity efforts
  8. Connect with suppliers and affinity groups
  9. Research competitors' marketing language and offers
  10. Survey users of your product/service