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Local, regional, and national media relations experience

Business success and profitability is almost totally dependent on the quality of your product or service, market conditions, and consumer awareness. Our job at Cypress Media Group is to foster the best perception locally, regionally, and if applicable, nationally, so your clients and stakeholders are drawn to your product, service, or cause as a first choice. We have over thirty years of experience in television, radio, print, and Internet media relations throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe handling projects for large companies, government agencies, and small businesses. While there is never a guarantee of "free" media coverage, we will tell your story in such a way as to ensure the best opportunity for positive local, regional, and national media attention.

Crisis/emergency PR specialists

Whether it's a mining disaster, factory closing, or sensationalized corporate expose, your response to adverse media coverage in an appropriate manner is crucial. What is revealed and how it is communicated in this time frame will determine not only how you are viewed for the remainder of the emergency or crisis, but also how you will fare in the future. Quick, decisive, and well positioned interaction with media, financial markets, stakeholders, and consumers is essential to your success.

Image consulting

In an age of instantaneous digital communication, how you look and sound is often as important as the content of what you actually say. This is as true for an enterprise as it is for an individual. While first impressions may not always be the truest reflection of who you are, they are sometimes the only picture you are allowed to project. It is important to project a positive image, and Cypress Media Group can help you do so.

Learn more about how Cypress Media Group can help you with online reputation management or business reputation management.

Media consulting

Media consulting can range from advising you on what paid media to buy for an advertising campaign to advising you how to deal with the press for public relations opportunities. Regardless of what kind of media consulting you need, Cypress Media Group has the experience and contacts necessary to help you promote your product, service, or cause.

Government relations

For the uninitiated, navigating any bureaucracy can be nerve-racking and time- consuming. Negotiating your way through and projecting your key message to local, state, and federal government agencies requires a most unique and precise form of public relations. Cypress Media Group has the knowledge and experience you need to be successful with government relations.

RFP consulting for contractors and government agencies

For over 20 years, Cypress Media Group has answered requests for proposals to obtain contracts for our company and for clients. We have also served as consultants to government agencies to help them write RFPs and evaluate proposals. This experience on both sides of the table gives us a unique perspective on the RFP writing and evaluation process.

Learn more about our Proposal Consulting

Proposal writers/consultants

The structure, presentation, and content of your writing will make or break your proposition, regardless of the merit of your proposal. Make sure you at least have a fighting chance of being heard and considered by using our experts to craft and frame your ideas in the best possible light, to maximize benefits, and show they far outweigh any perceived negatives or contrary views.

Political campaign consultants

Cypress Media Group has been involved in over 50 political campaigns with 30+ victories in four U.S. states. We have also lobbied all levels of government on behalf of our clients. Our perspective is influenced by almost three decades of involvement in political campaigns and causes.

Online Public Relations Tips

Three reasons to monitor your online presence as part of your weekly public relations duties:

  1. Protecting your online reputation and brand
  2. Gathering competitive intelligence
  3. Reacting to any online conversations

You should monitor all of the following categories that pertain to your organization:

  1. Company name and slogan
  2. Company Web site
  3. Names of executives, managers, and employees in the news
  4. Names of products, services, or properties

Use this online tool to use to learn what is being said online about your organization:

  1. Google Alerts

Three tips on choosing the right political consultant

  1. Ask about the consultant's specialties.
    Be sure his/her specialties match your needs.
  2. Beware of consultants who take credit for all victories and blame others for all losses.
  3. Find out the types of campaigns in which the consultant does not excel.

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"Our public identity and media presence are on the rise,thanks to Cypress Media Group's work on our behalf. Their media plan,their top-notch media training, and the cutting-edge Web site they helped us build make us stand apart from the multitude of nonprofits in our community. Thank you, Cypress Media Group, for helping or organization move into the modern media age!"

Nonprofit Director

"I'm proud to say we were the first symphony orchestra to engage Randy Whatley and Cypress Media Group. Randy immediately showed a keen understanding of our business and art models and was able to suggest and promote effective strategies for our orchestra to engage our community. His expertise was quickly recognized as filling a void in the classical music industry, and he is now highly sought after by orchestras across the United States. The advice and input we received from Randy Whatley and Cypress Media Group has had a huge positive impact on both my organization and our industry nationally."

Paul Murphy , President, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Players Association

"I want to thank you for all of the tremendous work you are doing on our behalf. I am really glad you are on our side! It is making a tremendous difference for us and is greatly appreciated."

Scott Kreger , Former Chair, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Players Council

"Randy's media training really came in handy when preparing to talk with the board of our local newspaper and with the TV stations. I felt much better equipped because of the practice interview sessions."

Beth Giacobassi , Chair, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Players Council

"Randy played our entire public relations scenario out like a fine Stradivarius!"

Joel Dallow , Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Players Association board member

"You have been there also from day one and are part of the family like everyone else. You get it, you understand what we are fighting about and have shown us the path to better fight for ourselves. You are also always available and I am extremely grateful as well for the kind of friend you are to our orchestra. We could not keep doing this without you. THANK YOU!"

Danny Laufer , Vice-President, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Players Association

"This a brief note to thank you for the extraordinary work you did helping our committee and orchestra during the most difficult negotiation we've had in decades. Your skill, patience and fortitude were the wall upon which we leaned throughout this whole process. In truth, the words don't exist to thank you enough."

David Langlitz , MET Orchestra Musicians Negotiation Committee Member

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