Presentation Development

Audience analysis

Presentations should always be tailored to your audience. Your knowledge of the audience to which you will speak is an important factor in the success of your presentations. When you understand your audience, their existing knowledge of your topic, and their desires, you can present from their point of view and give examples that relate to their interests. Audiences respond more favorably to presentations they believe are designed for them.When preparing a presentation, you first need to do an audience analysis by working through the following checklist and then tailor your presentation to the findings:


After finishing your audience analysis, you should perform a self-analysis to answer the following three questions:

Once you have completed this self-analysis, collect your thoughts about the presentation by using the following system:


Your third and final presentation development analysis step is to perform an occasion-analysis by finding the answers to the following questions:

In order to be fully prepared for the logistics of your presentation, complete the following arrangements checklist before each presentation:

Organizational outline

The last step of your presentation development is to prepare your organizational outline using the following format:


Randall P. Whatley

Randall P. Whatley

Randall P. Whatley is president of Cypress Media Group, an advertising, public relations, and training firm. Cypress Media Group provides training primarily related to business and technical writing, presentation skills, and media relations. He can be reached by e-mail at

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