Final Preparations for your Presentation

How to cope with stage fright

You've worked hard to develop your presentation. Now it's time to deliver it and you're nervous. Most people who have to speak in public experience "stage fright." The following tips will help you conquer these fears:

How to use visual supports

Slides, overhead transparencies, flip charts, handouts, models, and computer-generated presentations are all great ways to add interest to your presentations.

If you use statistics, progress reports, illustrations, or short phrases that you want to emphasize, visual supports can reinforce your points.

The following tips are effective when using audio-visual supports:

Following is a list of common audio-visual supports and recommendations on their proper use:

Flip Charts



Overheads transparencies


Computer-generated audio-visual supports

Asking the audience questions

Answering questions from the audience


Randall P. Whatley

Randall P. Whatley

Randall P. Whatley is president of Cypress Media Group, an advertising, public relations, and training firm. Cypress Media Group provides training primarily related to business and technical writing, presentation skills, and media relations. He can be reached by e-mail at

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