Presentation Skills Training

This one-day presentation skills training class will make participants better speakers in four ways. They will polish their public speaking and presentation skills. They will learn to craft better presentations and PowerPoint slides. They will learn how to better tailor their presentations to their audiences. Lastly, they will greatly enhance their performance abilities with both the public and their colleagues.

This presentation skills training can also be offered as a two-day or three-day class. In a one-day class, participants are able to go on-camera for roughly 5 minutes to receive a critique from the instructor and their colleagues on their presentation. In a two-day class, participants are able to go on-camera for roughly 10-15 minutes and receive a critique from the instructor and their colleagues on both their presentation and their PowerPoint slides. In a three-day class, participants are able to go on-camera twice for 10-15 minutes and receive a critique from the instructor and their colleagues on both their presentation and their PowerPoint slides.

Topics covered include:

Seminar Tips:

Three tips for better dressing

  1. The more controversial your ideas are, the more conventional your clothing should be.
  2. Dress to stand apart from your background.
  3. Attract attention to your face with a bright or contrasting color near your head or neck.

Communication and Presentation Internet Resources
The fear of speaking keeps many people who stutter from being heard. If you stutter or know someone who does, visit this Web site for The Stuttering Foundation of America. This site contains free online resources, services, and support to those who stutter and their families. This organization also has free informative brochures on prevention and treatment of stuttering.

Additional Modules Available for Presentation Skills Seminar

General Communication Skills

Audio-Visual Supports

This module covers the correct use of various audio-visual supports. Details are given on how to properly support your verbal presentation with each of the following types of audio-visual supports:

Frequently Asked Questions about our Presentation Skills Training

Answers provided by our presentation skills trainer, Randall P. Whatley

Q: What differentiates your presentation skills training from that of your competitors?

A: Although I studied this topic in school, my experience is based on first-hand knowledge. I don't spend most of my time teaching presentation skills. Rather, the majority of my time is spent making business presentations. I know the problems presenters face because I experience the same challenges.

I have been doing this for three decades, so one of the ways I teach is by talking about mistakes I have made so my training participants can learn from those mistakes. In addition, I have worked with many types of audiences and faced all the major challenges presenters face today, from speaking English as a second language to presenting to hostile audiences to dealing with technology problems during presentations. You could go to a bookstore and buy at least 20 good books on presentation skills. In my classes, I talk about the things that aren't in the books. I impart practical, real-world solutions to my training participants so they can become better presenters as soon as they finish one of my presentation skills training classes. Finally, I pride myself on creating a relaxed learning atmosphere where training participants enjoy the learning process in a way they didn't expect.

Q: I don't know how to present myself is a clear, interesting way. How can I overcome this problem?

A: It's difficult for me to advise you what to do without seeing you make a presentation, but I suspect that the problem is that you are not preparing presentations that are clear and interesting to yourself. If you're not convinced the presentation is clear and interesting, the audience certainly won't think they are.

First, determine your points. Make no more than three major points in any presentation. For each point, develop a story to either prove, clarify, or add interest to your point. In doing so, answer the "why" questions your audience would ask, if they could ask questions, while you're speaking.

Finally, use the three techniques I mention in my article called How to Make your Point and Create Sound Bites And Quotable Statements.


Randall P. Whatley

Randall P. Whatley

Randall P. Whatley is a media veteran with diverse business experience. He is president of Cypress Media Group, an advertising, public relations, and training firm. He has extensive experience advising government officials, political candidates, public officials, and corporate executives.

Whatley teaches the practical, real-world skills that he has acquired and refined over three decades as an advertising and public relations practitioner. His presentation and media relations skills were honed as a lobbyist and political consultant on over 50 campaigns in five states. He has written two books, two syndicated newspaper columns, and many magazine and Internet articles. He has also hosted his own television and radio program and appeared often as a TV and radio program guest, including a CNN appearedance. Whatley has also produced TV and radio ads.

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For groups of 3 or more participants

Cypress Media Group presents this seminar as an on-site offering at your work location or at an off-site location of your choice. We can customize this training program to suit your precise training needs.

For economic reasons, this seminar is only offered to groups of roughly three or more people with the same training needs. If you have a group with similar training needs, please call us at 770-640-9918 or E-mail to discuss your interest.

For fewer than 3 participants

We do not offer this course as an open enrollment public offering for individuals. If you have fewer than three participants who are interested in this course, the cost will be the same as for a larger group.

Please call us at 770-640-9918 or E-mail to discuss your interest.


"Very good and specific comments regarding the presentations. You have a way of pointing out issues in a non-threatening way."

Management Executive , Atlanta, GA

"Your ability to interact with the group was most impressive. Several mentioned your sincere response to each concern or issue. Thank you for being so well prepared."

Educational Agency Director , Georgia

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