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This advanced course teaches participants how to write great speeches. The seminar is designed for those who need a speech writing refresher course and those who need advanced speech writing training. Students will learn techniques that will empower them to write memorable speeches that set them apart from other speakers.

Topics include:

Seminar Tips:

Transitions are important tools in speech writing. Two categories of transitions are introducing a topic and emphasizing a certain point.

To Introduce a Topic:

To Emphasize:

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Randall P. Whatley

Randall P. Whatley

Randall P. Whatley is a media veteran with diverse business experience. He is president of Cypress Media Group, an advertising, public relations, and training firm. He has extensive experience advising government officials, political candidates, public officials, and corporate executives.

Whatley teaches the practical, real-world skills that he has acquired and refined over three decades as an advertising and public relations practitioner. His presentation and media relations skills were honed as a lobbyist and political consultant on over 50 campaigns in five states. He has written two books, two syndicated newspaper columns, and many magazine and Internet articles. He has also hosted his own television and radio program and appeared often as a TV and radio program guest, including a CNN appearedance. Whatley has also produced TV and radio ads.

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For groups of 3 or more participants

Cypress Media Group presents this seminar as an on-site offering at your work location or at an off-site location of your choice. We can customize this training program to suit your precise training needs.

For economic reasons, this seminar is only offered to groups of roughly three or more people with the same training needs. If you have a group with similar training needs, please call us at 770-640-9918 or E-mail to discuss your interest.

For fewer than 3 participants

We do not offer this course as an open enrollment public offering for individuals. If you have fewer than three participants who are interested in this course, the cost will be the same as for a larger group.

Please call us at 770-640-9918 or E-mail to discuss your interest.


"Randy is an excellent teacher. He clearly has a large breadth of experience that we benefited from. His personal stories were very helpful."

"I liked the practical examples of speechwriting techniques. This was a great course. It was very informative and I believe it will help improve my speeches."

"I usually can't wait for these types of classes to be over. I didn't want this one to end!"

"I liked the many specific examples provided. I'm anxious to write now using the lessons I learned in this class."

"You were an excellent instructor and kept the audience going full-speed."

"The instructor was very personable and professional and straight to the point. I liked looking at classmates' speeches and hearing the instructor's critique"

"The workbook was very good, easy-to-use, and contained easy-to-understand tips on writing speeches."

"The instructor's experience with writing for diverse audiences was very valuable. I liked the way he related his past experiences in dealing with specific speech writing problems. He was to the point and didn't belabor anything."

"The workbook was a great take-away for practical application after the class."

"The information was similar to what I studied in college classes, yet it was presented in a much more advanced tone. I really appreciated being involved with the class to analyze and discuss the various topics we covered."

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