Teleprompter Training and Coaching

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We provide confidential TelePrompter training and coaching to government officials, political candidates, public officials, corporate executives, and entertainers. This training includes components on TelePrompTer training, advanced presentation skills, and speech writing.

One-day TelePrompter coaching session outline:

  • Review all the equipment in advance of the training to assure that it is in proper working order
  • Assess trainee's previous experience with the Teleprompter
  • Deliver instruction on the operation of the equipment
  • Review the trainee's prepared speech material and discuss ways to adapt it to a Teleprompter
  • Review the trainee's current speech practicing methodology and provide instructions on how to change this to meet the specific needs of speaking with a Teleprompter
  • Delivery of speeches by the trainee using the Teleprompter while being videotaped by the instructor
  • Review of each video tape with the trainee and suggestions for needed improvements
  • Practice individual improvement needs with the trainee until both the trainer and trainee are satisfied
  • Consultation with the trainee after the coaching session for up to two hours via telephone or e-mail for follow up instruction

Seminar Tips:

  • Submit your script to the Teleprompter operator in a text computer file to reduce formatting conversion errors.
  • Teleprompter scripts should be written with shorter sentences.
  • Speakers should be totally comfortable with the language of a Teleprompter speech before they begin rehearsing.

Schedule This Training

For groups of 3 or more participants

Cypress Media Group presents this seminar as an on-site offering at your work location or at an off-site location of your choice. We can customize this training program to suit your precise training needs.

For economic reasons, this seminar is only offered to groups of roughly three or more people with the same training needs. If you have a group with similar training needs, please call us at 770-640-9918 or E-mail to discuss your interest.

For fewer than 3 participants

We do not offer this course as an open enrollment public offering for individuals. If you have fewer than three participants who are interested in this course, the cost will be the same as for a larger group.

Please call us at 770-640-9918 or E-mail to discuss your interest.

About the Instructor

Randall P. Whatley

Randall P. Whatley is a 30-year media veteran with diverse business experience. He is president of Cypress Media Group, an advertising, public relations, and training firm. He has extensive experience advising government officials, political candidates, public officials, and corporate executives.

Whatley teaches the practical, real-world skills that he has acquired and refined over three decades as an advertising and public relations practitioner. His presentation and media relations skills were honed as a lobbyist and political consultant on over 50 campaigns in four states. He has written two books, two syndicated newspaper columns, and many magazine and Internet articles. He has also hosted his own television and radio program and appeared often as a TV and radio program guest, including a CNN appearance. Whatley has also produced TV and radio ads.

Randall P. Whatley teaches the following courses to companies and government agencies worldwide:

He can be reached by e-mail at

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